Thursday, May 19, 2011

Eat'n Park's the place for smiling celiacs (dah do do)

After Erin from Eat'n Park posted a comment on an earlier post about Eat'n Park having a celiac friendly menu, I grabbed a friend an tried it out for dinner this week. I was fairly impressed with the experience. On the back of the regular menu, they have a menu designated for their "celiac friendly" items ( When I went to order, my waiter informed me that he would alert his manager of my order. The manager came to our table and went over my order with me. During my entire experience, there was only one tiny complaint I had, and I'd barely call it a complaint. The manager said she had a few question to ask me about my "allergy". I corrected her and said it was an intolerance. Then she asked how severe my "allergy" was. I'm not sure why this was relevant. It seems to me everything should be handled with great care regardless of the severity.

I ordered a burger to try out their GF buns which were surprisingly not bad- one of the better that I've tried. The manager checked on me a few more times to ensure everything went well.

Overall great experience. As I said, the only small critique was that if your menu mentions the term "celiac" there's an assumption that you understand the disease and won't mislabel it as an allergy, but now I'm just being picky!

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